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A clean home environment is a necessary facet that ensures our physical, mental and emotional health is safeguarded. Thus, dust, germs and possible allergens must be removed from the premises before it compromises your state of being. That said, having the time to clean your home thoroughly is a privilege that some just don’t have. If you’re in such a conundrum, hiring a professional cleaning company in Singapore is an option worth considering.

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Focus on ECO friendly products, from cleaning chemical to sanitising equipment.
We ensure our products meet quality standards and at the same time be cost
effective to suit every client.

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APLUS carpet cleaning service specialists use an “extractor” that washes, restores and sterilizes all types of carpet.


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APLUS consultants propose the most cost effective solution for your office cleaning, we help you save unnecessary wastage of resources. Upon concluding the contract, APLUS will assign an experience supervisor to oversee the cleaning operation and cleaners for better results.


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From after renovation cleaning to dish washing, APLUS can always deliver quality cleaning service. APLUS staffs are all trained with accredited certification, to ensure quality and assurance.


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At APlus, we pride ourselves in achieving higher standards in all cleaning aspects and are dedicated to providing comprehensive and quality solutions to meet all your needs. We understand that finding the time and energy to squeeze even general cleaning in your busy schedule may be a challenge – which is why we’re here to help!

On top of being trained with accredited certifications, our professional house cleaners are also highly experienced in what they do. The first step in our operations involves the assessing of your home, before the team can figure 
which areas to priorities and the appropriate cleaning measures to take up,
in order to achieve the most optimal results. 

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"Highly recommend.
Aplus clean solutions absolutely provide good standard of
carpet washing and office cleaning services to our customers."


Prompt in replies, the workers are skillful and polite.
Top notch services. Would definitely recommend others.

Isabella Ea

They did a good job and in the future if I need
the cleaning services again I will call you. 


The job was excellent and my boss and colleagues
are happy; they said the carpet is very clean.

Miss Lim

The 2 carpet wash was good. Thank you very much.

Mr Goh

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Our experience and technical cleaning know-how not only give a foundation for excellent results in housekeeping, but it also means that we could also tackle problems that you’d otherwise have struggle with. For instance, our professional house cleaners have the skills and products that can neutralise pet-related odours that may haunt your living space. Not only will pet odours will be a thing of the past, but your home will become a clean and safe environment for both your family and pet. You can trust that every nook and cranny of your house will be thoroughly cleaned by the time we’re done.

At APlus, we strive to cater to all your home cleaning needs and wants. This includes giving you the freedom to customise your cleaning packages to suit your needs. You can either opt for general cleaning up or go for a deep cleaning, depending on you want to achieve. We also offer home cleaning services for specific areas, such as your ceilings and the like. Having such flexibility also means that you’d be able to save a few dollars you’d otherwise spend on services you don’t necessarily need.

Relocate your precious time and effort to something you’d rather be doing and consider hiring professional home cleaning services instead. Employing such services means that you can free up your busy schedule for other activities you’ve been meaning to do but have no time for. Being able to put the time you would have spent cleaning to other use is, undoubtedly, freeing.

If you’ve been scouring for an experienced and reliable company that offers an extensive range of professional cleaning services in Singapore, we are that company for you. With our help, you can revel in a clean and sanitised home for an affordable price. Get a free quotation with us today!

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