3 Cleaning Practices That Promotes Office Productivity

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If one is to talk about an effective way to boost employee productivity, they would often jump to motivators such as a reward system, inspirational quotes, positive influences, and so much more. While it is true that these things have a hand in increasing the work done by employees, it is important to know as well that they wouldn’t bear the same effect if the workplace’s condition leaves a lot to be desired. The condition of the office space an employee works in plays a major role in whether or not they can effectively fulfil their roles and maintain overall wellbeing. If you want to learn more, read on as we dive deeper into the cleaning services that can help promote productivity in the office and how they work.

1. Cleaning hard to reach places

Commonly referred to as high dusting, this type of cleaning service is tailored towards removing dust, dirt, and grime from areas that are generally hard to reach such as ceilings, air vents, pipes, and more. At first glance, this really does not do much to promote employee productivity in the office. But if you don’t attend to these areas, the unremoved dust and dirt can accumulate over time and become a health concern as these can pollute the air and subsequently trigger the allergies of some employees. Remember–if employees don’t feel well, they wouldn’t be as productive as they normally are. That’s why it’s best if you maintain the cleanliness even up to the areas that are generally hard to reach.

2. Maintaining the carpet

Given that carpets are laid on the floor and are constantly being stepped on, they take everything that an employee’s shoes bring from the outside–dust, soil, bird droppings, mud, to name a few. If these don’t get taken care of, they can build up and cause allergies in the same way dusty air vents can, that’s why it is important to maintain carpet cleanliness. You can choose to do it yourself, but it is a little bit tricky since most carpets cannot easily be removed from the floor. But carpet cleaning isn’t really something that most cleaning companies can’t handle. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of carpet cleaning specialists in Singapore that you can get help from. If you get your carpets cleaned, you get to keep your employees away from allergens and other harmful elements that can compromise their health, therefore making them more conditioned to work productively.

3. Keeping the washroom sanitary

Washrooms and lavatories are essential amenities, and you can’t have an office without them. However, it’s an undeniable fact that they are also potentially one of the dirtiest places in an establishment, and their “common-use” setup does not help either. Regardless, it has to be kept clean and sanitized as much as possible because unhygienic washrooms can be the perfect breeding ground for harmful pathogens that can affect the health of your employees. You don’t want to compromise the overall welfare of your employees and impair an entire operation, so hiring a commercial cleaning company to help maintain these amenities for you would be your best bet.


To help boost the productivity done in an office, keeping the workplace clean is important and plays a crucial role in promoting it. To be more specific, hard to reach places in an office must be taken care of, carpets should be well maintained, and the washroom should be sanitized so that the health of the office’s employees would not be jeopardized. If you are looking for a Singapore professional office cleaning services to help out with your office cleaning concerns, look no further than APLUS CLEAN SOLUTIONS. To learn more about our services, give us a call at +65 8233 6300.