3 Counterproductive Cleaning Habits You Should Correct Today

3 Counterproductive Cleaning Habits You Should Correct Today

Keeping the home clean and tidy is something that we are all responsible for, regardless of our position in the family. Having an immaculate residence gives us peace of mind, and it helps make the abode as comfortable as possible. However, cleaning efforts can often do more harm than good, especially if they are unequipped with or lack proper knowledge. To ensure that your periodic cleaning achieves the best results, be mindful of these three everyday counterproductive cleaning habits and put a stop to them today.

1. Tackling the easy cleaning jobs first

Cleaning around the house can be quite a chore sometimes. Thus, it is unsurprising that people prefer to take on the easy tasks first and leave the more difficult ones later. However, this strategy is hardly ever efficient nor optimal to boot.

For instance, sweeping and mopping the floor is undoubtedly easier than dusting up and behind hard to reach areas like shelves and other furniture. Cleaning your house in this manner will ultimately make the floor and furniture dirty again, making your cleaning efforts futile.

Instead of doing the easy tasks first, following a proper strategy to save your time and energy is better. As a rule of thumb, stick to the top-to-bottom rule when dusting and cleaning to ensure that you will not revisit the same chore.

2. Using a single rag to clean items in the house

Every room in the house will almost always have a piece of furniture or surface that needs frequent cleaning. While having an all-purpose cleaning rag may make things easier for you, the truth is that this one rag is a potent germ carrier by transferring germs from one surface to another, even if the surfaces are cleaned with a cleaning solution.

A solution to this is to purchase rags dedicated for each room in the house and only use them in these designated areas. Although this seems more cumbersome, doing so guarantees that the germs you are trying to eliminate will not stick around and transfer elsewhere instead, which again defeats the purpose of cleaning.

3. Vacuuming surfaces using a dirty vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are standard household tools that nearly everyone relies on to effortlessly clean carpets and other surfaces. But if their filters are not regularly cleaned, emptied or replaced, their efficiency significantly drops with time, leaving more dust and dirt undisturbed. Unsurprisingly, your vacuum may stay blocked, even after emptying the vacuum cleaner dust bag.

To keep your vacuum’s function in perfect shape, change or clean their filters regularly so that their suction and air duct capacity withstands time and use. While this simple fix may be enough for most surfaces in your home, it will not suffice for others, like your carpets. If you want to keep these surfaces in pristine condition, purchase a carpet shampoo to clean your carpets, or better yet, consider hiring a carpet cleaning specialist in Singapore to do the hard work for you.


When it comes to cleaning, it is unsurprising for homeowners to cut corners to save time and energy, which usually leads to a cleaning routine that does more harm than good. Being thorough with your cleaning ensures that your efforts are not wasted and that your home truly is cleaner after you are done with its chores.

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