3 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean If You Have Pets At Home

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Pets and carpets are two words that do not seem to go along well. Indeed, if you are a pet owner, you will know that keeping your carpet clean and tidy is not an easy task when you have a furry companion running around your home all the time. Stubborn pet hair and stinky stains are the most common issues you will encounter when raising a pet at home.

However, you do not have to choose between your cute furball and your fancy floor cover. By developing and sticking to a regular maintenance schedule, you can keep both your pet and carpet at home without compromising on your house’s cleanliness and hygiene. Let us share some of the best ways you can keep your carpet clean if you have a furry companion in your home.

1. Vacuum regularly

Carpets are prone to trapping dust and dirt. Constant buildup of these organisms can cause health issues and trigger allergies.  This problem is exacerbated if you have a furry companion in your house. Pet hair can easily get trapped in your carpet, and clearing each individual strand is challenging and impractical.

So, if you have a pet at home, vacuuming your carpet regularly is essential. We will recommend you vacuum your floor cover at least once or twice a week should you wish to maintain a clean and hygienic carpet. Thoroughly vacuuming your carpet can dislodge and remove the dirt and pet hair that are accumulated within it.

2. Always check for pet stains

Pets are lovely companions that can bring so much energy to your home. However, if your pet is not adequately trained, it may urinate, defecate or cough up furballs at random spots in your home, which can stain your floors and carpets. Therefore, it is essential for you to check your carpet regularly for common stains such as mud, dried-up vomit, urine, or poo.

If you notice any pet stain on your carpet, you should thoroughly wash it with carpet shampoo immediately. Neglecting the stains can cause an unpleasant odor that can make your house quite uninviting to guests.

3. Hire professional carpet cleaners

Home experts recommend that everyone should have their carpets deep-cleaned at least once or twice a year. Pet owners may want to consider engaging the services of a carpet cleaning specialist more frequently to ensure their carpets remain clean and hygienic.

Occasionally, deep extraction washing is needed to get rid of harmful particles that might threaten the health of your pet companion and family members. When you hire a professional carpet cleaner, you also provide your whole family with better indoor air quality and improved carpet aesthetics.


Messes and accidents are inevitable when raising a pet at home. We often have to make compromises when we share a house with our loveable companions, but that does not mean you have to compromise when it comes to your beautiful carpet. By establishing a proper cleaning routine and inspecting your carpet regularly, you can have the best of both worlds.

If you want to ensure your carpet is spick and span, you should consider hiring a carpet cleaning specialist. At APlus Clean Solutions, we offer home, carpet, and general cleaning services in Singapore. Our professional cleaning specialists possess years of experience in the industry and are well-equipped to handle any cleaning scenario. Do not hesitate to contact us at +65 8233 6300 if you have a cleaning emergency!