4 Cleaning Errors That Are Actually Making Your Home Dirtier

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After a hectic workweek, it can be a challenge to mentally prep yourself to clean the house. Most Singaporeans typically aim to get these menial tasks done as quickly as possible due to time scarcity. However, unbeknownst to us, we are making basic errors that are only making our homes dirtier.

Let us explore some of the common cleaning mistakes we make while doing our household chores. By learning from our mistakes, we can eliminate similar errors in the future. This way, we can ensure our house looks sparklingly clean and free of germs and bacteria.

1. Using the same rag to clean the entire house

It is easy to overlook how unhygienic it is to utilise the same rag to wipe every corner of your home. Spraying the cloth with a cleaning solution does not effectively remove the dirt accumulated on its surface. The grime clings onto the rag and will spread to the following surfaces it touches.

For instance, there are areas in your house, such as the kitchen, that are dirtier. Can you imagine using the same cloth piece to wipe the kitchen surfaces, which contains food particles, cooking oil and specks of dust, and then using it to clean your bedroom?

To avoid such a mistake, it is best to utilise different rags for different rooms and thoroughly wash and dry them before storing them for future use.

2. Overloading the washing machine

Let’s be real, we’re all tempted to ram our clothes into the washing machine to avoid having to wash them in multiple batches. As much as you’re tempted to clean all your dirty clothes in one wash, it is advisable that you do not do that.

When you overload your washing machine, you’re putting extra strain on your appliance. When you drum has been overloaded, clothes won’t be able to move around freely and thus, by extension, won’t be evenly clean. More often than not, you will need to wash them a second time. Not only will you be wasting energy, detergent and time, but you will also damage the motor with regular use.

3. Not cleaning the vacuum cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an essential tool for cleaning those hard-to-reach spots. After the cleaning is done, it is easy to overlook the need to empty the vacuum filter. The dust accumulated in the filter can lessen your vacuum cleaner’s suction power and reduce its effectiveness.

Worst case scenario, the dirt may be blown back into the air and surrounding area. Therefore, it is advisable to empty the vacuum filter after every use. Do remember to clean the various equipment thoroughly with a damp cleaning cloth before storing it away.

4. Overlooking the garbage disposal

Whenever you empty the garbage disposal, it is best to clean the unit afterwards. Not only will you be removing any food particles that may have missed the garbage disposal, but a rigorous cleaning will also help to eliminate the smell of rotten food that may have clung onto the unit. Not only will you prevent the permeation of the foul stench into other parts of your home, but you will also reduce the risk of pest infestation.


A clean house creates a haven to live in. Therefore, it is crucial you keep your home spick and span by avoiding these common cleaning mistakes. Alternatively, you may want to consider hiring a professional house cleaner. These cleaners are well-trained and can avoid the numerous cleaning mistakes a rookie may make.

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