4 Factors That Affect The Frequency Of Office Floor Cleaning

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Let’s face it, office floors get far dirty too quickly for our liking. Since they’d be in high-traffic zones, it’s only natural for the office floors to become breeding grounds for dirt, grime and bacteria. Which is why all regular cleaning is crucial in order to maintain a clean working environment that allows your employees to reach optimal productivity all whilst safeguarding their health.

That said, there is no hard and fast rule as to the number of times one should clean the office. It can be difficult for an employer to determine when the office needs cleaning, but several factors can impact the frequency. As an employer, here are 4 factors you should take note of so that you know when to call in the services of a cleaning company.

1. Sealed and unsealed flooring

The flooring type utilised by your office can dictate how often you are required to clean it. Sealed hardwood floorings offer higher protection, reducing the likelihood of scuffs, scratches and spills.

Conversely, unsealed floorings are more prone to damages. The moisture resulting from a spill can seep into the flooring and damage the material within. Various forms of dirt are also prone to getting stuck in between the wooden lines. If any spills occur, one should clean it up immediately.

2. Amount of traffic experienced

It is advisable to identify the specific areas in the office that experience high footfall. Areas such as the pantry, hallways and entrance are prime examples. The likelihood of dirt and germs accumulating in these areas is high, as employees often frequent these places.

While it is important to clean these places frequently, areas with low footfall should not be neglected. It is best to conduct a quick inspection of these areas to check if they are dirty and in need of cleaning.

3. The weather conditions

It is common to see muddy, rain-soaked footprints during the rainy seasons. You are likely to see dirty prints smeared all over the office floors if you do not provide a mat for employees to wipe their feet.

The office floors are also a potential safety hazard during a rainy day, as raindrops accumulated on the various umbrellas and shoes are splashed all over the area. If they are not wiped promptly, an employee may slip and hurt himself/herself.

4. Office features

Certain areas of the office require more frequent cleaning to prevent germs from spreading. Many employees prepare and consume their food in the pantry daily. Therefore, it is essential to regularly clean the surfaces of the tables and the floor to remove any food and beverage spillage. Any food that is not properly disposed of can attract pests, such as cockroaches and rats.

The restroom is another area that requires daily sanitisation. A dirty toilet is a hotbed for germs, and it can also be nauseating for your employees to use one. If the restroom experiences high footfall, you may want to consider scheduling a cleaning session twice a day.


A clean and hygienic working environment is a big boon to you and your employees. Besides keeping your workers healthy and productive, a clean office also leaves a positive impression on your visitors. Regular cleaning is required to reap these benefits. It is essential you keep these considerations in mind when you hire a commercial cleaning company and determine their cleaning schedule.

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