5 Things You Should Do Before Professional Cleaners Arrive

5 Things You Should Do Before Professional Cleaners Arrive

You have finally decided that hiring professional house cleaners in Singapore is the best way to upkeep your home, especially for challenging cleaning tasks that require plenty of time and effort, which you cannot afford due to your various commitments.

A common misconception when hiring professional cleaners is that you do not have to do anything before they come. After all, these cleaners are trained with years of experience and are equipped with the right tools to make your home as pristine as possible.

However, it is recommended that you prepare your home before the professionals arrive to ensure that they can execute their tasks without any hiccups or confusion along the way.

Here are five tips to prepare your home for the arrival of the house cleaners.

1. Have your beddings ready and accessible to reach.

If you need your existing bedding and linens washed by the cleaners and replaced with fresh ones for your bed, you must have the fresh ones ready at an accessible place, preferably where they can see it. Not only does this expedite the cleaning process, but it also ensures that house cleaners do not have to rummage through the private spaces of your home, such as your wardrobe.

2. Declutter nooks and crannies.

Yes, you are hiring professionals to clean your home. However, they can’t figure out the home of all of your belongings, and at the same time, work through cluttered items. This directly affects how well and fast they can clean your home. Hence, you should declutter unnecessary items, followed by clearing out-of-place items on your counters, television console and other similar areas within the home.

3. Keep fragile items and valuables in a secure location.

While professional cleaners are trained to be as efficient and careful in providing general cleaning services in Singapore, unforeseen accidents can occur, especially if the home is small, or there is a large team of cleaners cleaning the home, making it more likely that they would collide into things or each other. Hence, it is best to put away fragile items, such as your antique chinaware or family photo frames. Be sure to secure personal valuables such as jewellery and the likes of it in a secure place.

4. Tuck away your pets while cleaners are in your home.

To ensure that it is a stress-free environment for both the cleaners and your pets, it is a good gesture for you to keep your pets in a room that requires minimal cleaning to prevent any allergies, should the house cleaners have one. Alternatively, you can also take your pets out for a walk or for an outdoor activity that would keep them occupied for a few hours while the cleaners expediently clean your house.

5. Communicate any specific requests before the home cleaning

Finally, the key to a smooth and successful cleaning process is for you as the client to communicate with the cleaning company any special requests or cleaning expectations to meet ahead of time. If you would like the cleaners to gently clean statement furniture pieces or clean under hard to reach areas such as your fridge, communicating these early on allows them to come in prepared not only with the right cleaning team but also cleaning materials that protect your valuable items within the home, thus protecting the integrity of your valuable items or furniture.


Coming home to a clean house and a tidy environment gives great satisfaction not only to the customers, but also to the house cleaners as they have undoubtedly made their clients happy.

At APlus Clean Solutions, we strive to satisfy our customers with impeccable cleaning services and are adept at meeting any special requests that you may have. With our competent cleaners, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in great hands. To learn more about our customised services, contact us at +65 8233 6300.