How Decluttering Your Office Space Promotes Productivity

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When it comes to productivity, the condition of the space you work in plays a major role. If your desk has way too much unnecessary things resting on it, the space that you can work on is minimized and the things that you can do are limited. But if you organize your things accordingly and only have the things that are essential to the task you set out to do, you get to focus and be more productive. Regardless of whether or not you are a neat freak, an office space that is messy, dishevelled, or unorganized is very distracting, It can serve as a hurdle from you fulfilling your responsibilities, that’s why you should always make it a point to maintain its order so that you can work more effectively. If you want to learn more about how decluttering your office space contributes to your productivity, read on.

1. It makes your office more comfortable

Given that the employees housed by your office work on a full-time basis, they most probably treat it as their second home because they come in to work in the morning and leave late in the afternoon. They spend the majority of their time in your office, so it’s best that you make it as comfortable as possible.

While fitting your office with various amenities helps with making it feel more like home, these serve no purpose towards promoting productivity if the office isn’t organized well. It may even do more harm than good, serving as an obstacle in the office workflow. When this happens, the amount of work done by your employees is compromised. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, invest in some time to organize everything from office chairs to big workstations. If these are organized well, your employees will feel more comfortable and will get more things done.

2. It promotes creativity and innovative ideas

If an employee’s workspace is constrained, so is his/her ability to conceptualize an idea. The ability to come up with creative and innovative concepts is vital if the industry your office is servicing calls for it. If mental work is necessary, it’s best to keep the office free of clutter and mess so that you can keep your employees inspired and motivated. Don’t let great ideas hide underneath a pile of unorganized documents.

3. It reduces the stress that employees feel

When a lot of things are in your mind, you probably feel some level of stress. And if one thing is for sure, a messy workplace does little to no help in easing you up. In a typical office setup, your employees have an established workflow that they follow to get things done. But when an office isn’t organized well, the process that they have grown to get used to is disrupted. At this point, stress is beginning to develop, which leads to compromised productivity.

If you want to make sure that your employees don’t get unproductive due to stress, make it a point to keep your office in order by consulting the help of a Singapore professional office cleaning services

4. It keeps your employees motivated

Claustrophobic or not, nothing makes people more demotivated than when things are not in order. This is true to your employees as well–if your office is not organized or has too much going on, they might get easily demotivated by the things that they have to put up with just to get some things done. A clean and orderly workplace promotes positivity to those who work in it, and if your employees feel positive, they will approach their responsibilities with enthusiasm.


Keeping your office space neat and orderly promotes productivity in multiple ways. For starters, it makes employees feel more comfortable. It also helps them get into the proper mental space to come up with creative and innovative ideas. A clean office space reduces the likelihood of stress that an employee might feel, and it keeps them motivated. If you need help decluttering and organizing your office, give APlus Clean Solutions a call. We are a commercial cleaning company that specializes in office, house, and general cleaning in Singapore. To learn more, dial +65 8233 6300 to speak to us.