Maintain Office Cleanliness With These Hygienic Practices

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Business success starts at the office. Whilst it may seem rather far-fetch at first glance, the work environment sets the foundation of the physical environments that will influence your employees’ well-being, work performance and productivity. Research has shown that productivity bears a close relationship to the indoor environment quality. As such, it is within your best interest to maintain an ideal workplace for your workers. There are several ways you can go about it, but the easiest one would be to simply adopt and practise hygiene practices on a regular. Nowadays, it’s common to rely on commercial cleaning services in Singapore to help maintain the office space. But in addition to engaging their services, here are 6 cleaning tips to help maintain tidiness in the workspace.

1. Keep everything organised

Having a mess-free environment enables employees to quickly and deftly sort out business problems and tasks. Keeping your documents, stationaries and the like will save your employees a lot of time should they wish to find something when they need it, effectively streamlining the workflow. Moreover, a clean and organised office will lead to fewer distractions, helping your employees concentrate better.

As such, ensure that you have the necessary tools and space to help maintain an organised office. For instance, shelves, cabinets, and filers should be well-labelled to indicate where vital documents and items are kept and where new ones should be stored. Of course, encourage your employees to utilise them and practise tidying up before and after work as well. Such tweaks, whilst small, will bring forth significant changes to the office.

2.Regular carpet cleaning

The office’s carpet maintenance can make or break the productivity of the working space. Since carpets naturally serve as a home for dust, mites, and other harmful microbes, it’s imperative that you take the necessary measures to maintain its cleanliness, lest your and your employees’ health get compromised.

By investing in the office’s carpets’ hygiene maintenance, more financially costly consequences can be avoided. For instance, you can prevent increased absenteeism from sick employees. Not only will you be able to safeguard your team’s health and well-being, but you’d also be securing productivity and output for your company. Apart from relying on the services of carpet cleaning specialists in Singapore, regular cleaning with vacuums should also be performed by the company’s service crew.

3.Impose a clean desk policy

On the same tangent, you’ll want to motivate and encourage employees to be responsible for their workspaces. Your employees will reap numerous benefits with a clean desk, including having a clearer headspace, improved health and more! Besides, when employees take personal responsibility, they obtain a sense of belonging and would not want to stay in a cluttered office, just as they like staying in a clean environment at home.

4.Install alcohol dispensers and hand sanitisers

Due to the ingress and egress of many people in the workplace, germs are bound to enter the vicinity one way or another. If left unchecked, these harmful microbes can easily cause illnesses that can spread quickly throughout the office floor. To combat this, hand sanitisers or medical alcohol dispensers should be strategically placed in entrances and exits and employees be required to use them at all times, thus minimising a significant avenue of entry for germs.

5.Wipe down mice and keyboards

Computer peripherals, such as mice and keyboards, are prone to house dust and germs. In fact, new research has shown that the keyboard is approximately 20.000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. To minimise the health risk and establish a safe work environment, you’ll want to encourage your employees to employ general cleaning efforts, even as something as simply wiping the their mouse and keyboard before and after work.


Your employees spend a lot of their time inside the office, the least you can do is ensure that their working environment is clean and safe. As the main area in which revenue is created, it’s imperative to keep the office’s floors spick and span at all times. From keeping employees healthy and happy to impressing visiting clients, the benefits of maintaining this cleanliness are undoubtedly numerous.

That said, do keep in mind that this only plays half the role in your office’s overall cleanliness. The other half entails engaging with professional cleaning services in Singapore to handle areas your employees can’t. Equipped with the latest cleaning technologies paired with skilled and accredited staff, you can rest assured that your offices will be cleaned to the fullest.