Post Renovation Woes: The Clean Up and Where to Start

General Cleaning Singapore

For many couples, having a newly renovated house represents a brand-new chapter in their life, where they get to start with a clean slate. However, often, minimal or no proper post-renovation cleaning is done by the contractors or the renovation company before the handover of the flat to the new homeowners.

Furthermore, with the restrictions imposed by the government to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus, home renovations have seen several delays. Thus, it is unsurprising that many would like to settle in as quickly as possible into their new flats after facing significant delays.

However, many of them face the woes of cleaning up the mess incurred from the renovation works done. Given the seemingly endless list of tasks to undertake, where does one even begin to care for their new home? If you are facing this very dilemma, fret not. Let us share how you can start your post renovation clean up and achieve a dust and dirt-free home.

1. Use a damp microfiber cloth on a flat mop to wipe down your house walls and ceilings

Dust clings onto any and every type of surface, and after months of renovations, it is likely that it has accumulated on the walls and ceilings of your home, even if it is not visible to the naked eye. For long term maintenance, it is also recommended that you wet clean your house once every few months.

2. Dust off existing fixtures using a top to bottom approach

While it feels instinctive to immediately sweep or vacuum the entire house because of the dusty floor, the key is to clean efficiently as dust falls from higher to lower ground. As such, you should begin by dusting off any existing furniture such as the ceiling fan, mounted TV console, the kitchen cabinets and inner shelves, and your windows. This can then be followed by a full sweep or vacuuming of the entire flat.

3. Use lukewarm water and a gentle disinfectant to clean and sanitise living areas

A common misconception when it comes to general cleaning is that you should use hot water as it not only effectively kills germs but dries faster. However, hot water may react to active ingredients in your cleaning products, causing more damage to your floors and countertops. It may also threaten the integrity of your furniture pieces, shortening their shelf life.

4. Ensure your packed items are coming in clean and sanitised 

While it is exciting to redesign your new home with your existing furniture and decorations, they also come with germs from your previous living arrangement. For example, carpets are an effortless way of sprucing up the living areas in your home, making your house cosier and more inviting. However, they can also harbour allergens, especially when they have not been deep cleaned recently.

If you are unsure of how to clean your carpets correctly, it is best to hire a carpet cleaning specialist to have your carpets deep cleaned before they are brought into your new home, as cleaning mistakes may end up ruining your precious rugs.

5. Invest in a good air purifier

It is advisable to invest in an air purifier for the long run to curb the number of airborne allergens and increase the air quality within your home whilst protecting your health. This is especially crucial for families with kids and pets or homeowners who regularly have guests over. Some air purifiers even come with LED displays that indicate the air quality to their users, encouraging awareness and accountability for the quality or state of their living environment.


Maintaining a clean living environment is more paramount than ever due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases. With a newly renovated house, establishing a cleaning roster or schedule not only encourages family participation but also inculcates in the young the value of keeping your home clean.

However, as we know, Singaporeans are always on the go. It is hard to keep up with multiple commitments, and household chores are often the last thing on our minds. If regular cleaning is a chore for you, you can consider hiring a trusted and reliable professional house cleaner to assist you with the deep cleaning of your home.

At APlus Clean Solutions, not only do we provide commercial cleaning services, but we also offer customised home cleaning services that are tailored according to our clients’ needs. Our well-trained cleaners are guaranteed to protect the integrity and beauty of your newly renovated home. To know more about our customised services, contact us at +65 8233 6300.