Professional Carpet Cleaning: Why It’s A Good Investment

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Many people oft wonder if it’s a worthwhile investment to hire carpet cleaning specialists in Singapore. After all, will hiring others to clean your home be worth the money spent when you can simply do it yourself? Furthermore, the household cleaning products and resources are accessible, and are much more affordable especially when compared to the cost of hiring professionals. Such opinions are common, especially if they’re not privy to the microscopic dangers that hide underneath their carpets.

In most homes, carpets serve as a ubiquitous house décor that effectively adds texture and colour to the space. From business offices to the typical HBD flat, carpets decorate and enhance their environments at the cost of being exposed to high traffic of footfalls. To maintain the beauty of these ornate fabrics and their hygiene, it is crucial to ensure that they are thoroughly cleaned down to the very base. However, this is simply impossible to do without the expertise and experience of a seasoned specialist. No matter how powerful your cleaning agent claims it is or how ‘thorough’ your cleaning might be, it will never be on par with the cleaning machinery designed for a thorough clean and the technical knowhow derived from years of experience.

With the abundance of professional commercial cleaning services in Singapore, there’s no reason not to keep your carpets spick and span at all times. Still unconvinced? Read on below to know the primary benefits that prove how worthwhile it is to hire carpet cleaning experts.

1.Guarantee longevity of the carpet

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner to work on your carpets nets you the additional benefit of prolonging the lifespan of your fancy fabrics. This is because, with the help of their deep-cleaning techniques, dirt and other microbes that slowly degrade the carpet’s fibres are wholly removed. If these particles are left unchecked and, in the worst case, your carpet remains uncleaned, then every step taken will cause abrasion, leading to the swifter deterioration of the carpet.

2.Professional removal of stains

Be it during company events or small parties at home, spillages and other accidents are simply inevitable. Through these harmless blunders, they cause stains that are often, hard to remove. Some of these stains are so stubborn that without a professional’s help, the challenge of removing them yourself is nigh impossible. But upon hiring a professional, you can bid your worries away! With the help of an accredited and experienced cleaning company, you’re can rest assured that your carpet will be so thoroughly clean, it’ll look brand new!

3.Professional carpet cleaning aids in the reduction of allergies

Dust, mites, your pet’s fur, and many other microscopical substances make their home in your carpets over time. If not thoroughly removed during cleaning, which is usually the case when one does the job themselves, these harmful particles will proliferate and, eventually, trigger allergies or cause other health issues. As such, to safeguard the health of your family, it is within your best interest to hire a specialist that can remove these irritants from your home.

4.Quicker drying times

Instead of having to wait at least several days before your carpet dries, professional carpet cleaning techniques and equipment can shorten that drying time to just a few hours. For instance, a common carpet cleaning technique called deep extraction washing will only need at least 4 hours to dry a carpeted office floor that’s 3000 square feet in size.


 Keeping a close eye on your carpet’s condition will guarantee that your carpet lasts for a good long while, making it worth the investment. If you’re looking for an experienced company that offers professional carpet cleaning services, APlus Clean Solutions is here to help. With over 10 years of experience under our belt, you can rest assured that we are experts in our craft. We guarantee that your beautiful fabrics remain clean and pristine for months on end, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!