Tackling A Messy And Untidy Home During A Depressive Episode

Depression is an illness that attacks both the mind and body – it can really do a number on your motivation and energy levels. Some days when it’s especially bad, moving from the bed to take a quick shower becomes a challenge. In such instances, how will you then keep up with the day-to-day chores around the house and maintain the cleanliness of your safe haven? Yet, too often an untidy home can only make you feel worse, and it can be rather demoralising.

However, don’t give up yet! It’s incredible how doing simple general cleaning such as vacuuming the floor and organising your stack of books can improve your overall mood. Whilst mustering the motivation and energy to do so may be hard, it’s helpful to push yourself to get active and get your much-needed dopamine hit.

To help you attain a clean home, here are a few tips that will help you out.

1. Break It Down Into Small Chores And Keep Going

Cleaning your entire home is, undoubtedly, a daunting and challenging task. Aside from finding the energy to do so, it may take a toll on your mental psyche if you overwhelm yourself. As such, learn to break this abstract task into smaller chunks that can be done quickly, and when they accumulate, you’ll be left with a cleaner home. Such small chores include washing your dirty dishes and immediately putting them away before they stack up, sorting and organising your mail, and spraying down your shower when you’re done to prevent any mould and mildew buildup.

Whilst they appear simple in nature, they do make a significant difference – both to your home and psyche.

2. Give Yourself Manageable Goals 

On a similar tangent, you’ll want to ensure that you give yourself manageable goals that you know you can accomplish. This may take a day or two, or even a week, but it all adds up to a cleaner home. You may set aside 30 minutes each day completing a chore and delegate specific tasks for specific days. For instance, you can wash your dirty clothes on Sunday so that you can fold them the very next day.

3. Matching It With Your Energy Levels

Naturally, some jobs will take longer than most. For instance, washing the dishes takes a few minutes tops, whilst vacuuming can easily take up an hour of your time. As such, you’ll want to make sure that the chores fit with your energy levels on that day. On good days, you can hit the goals you’ve set even if they do take a long time. If not, you can finish with a small chore or leave it for another day.

Expecting perfection is setting yourself up for undue stress and disappointment. Forgive yourself for being human and set reasonable standards that not only keep you sanitary but also comfortable and healthy in mind and body. Don’t give yourself unnecessary stress with secondary tasks when it can be done on another day. 

4. Hire Somebody To Help

If you are financially able, you may want to hire somebody to help you out with cleaning. Having somebody to help you out will not only leave your home immaculate, but it will also free up some of your mind and energy you’d otherwise spend on cleaning.

That said, you’ll want to still continue to strive doing the day-to-day tasks on your own as it wouldn’t help your psyche to be dependent on a third party. Start slow, with the help of a professional cleaner, before you slowly wean off as you progressively get better.

If you’re looking for a professional company that offers commercial cleaning services, APlus Clean Solutions is here to help. We’ll help you attain that pristine home so that you can rest your mind and body easy.