The Common Culprits of Carpet Odour You Need to Be Aware Of

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Do you notice a funky smell every time you enter your house or room? Has your carpet not been cleaned for an extended period of time? If your answer to both questions is yes, then there is a high probability that your carpet is the one responsible for the stench. Carpets are some of the most beautiful and functional items in your house, but their increased exposure to dirt and bacteria makes them susceptible to emitting a foul odour.

If you want to prevent your carpet from stinking up your home, it is crucial for you to have it deep cleaned by a carpet cleaning specialist at least once a year. Furthermore, you may want to learn the reasons behind your carpet’s stench so you can minimise the risk of a foul-smelling carpet. Let us share the most common culprit responsible for carpet odour.

1. Food and beverage spills

No matter the material used, no carpet naturally smells bad. The unpleasant smell usually arises from stains and spills accumulated within the carpet fibres, which are ignored. If your carpet is displayed in the living room or dining room, there is a high chance you may encounter food or beverage spillage.

Food and beverage spills that get stuck in your carpet’s fibres or backing material can lead to foul odour over time. This is because the organic ingredients or substances in these products effectively attract bacteria. As the bacteria break down, they release foul-smelling gasses that make your carpet smell uninviting.

2. Moisture or dampness

Given Singapore’s humid weather conditions, excess moisture can be a significant concern for many carpet owners. Debris, dirt, and water can get trapped within your carpet if you forget to close the window on a rainy day. Should the carpet not be dried immediately, you may soon find a musty odour emanating from it.

Furthermore, the continued exposure of your carpet to moisture can lead to the growth of mould and mildew under the carpet padding, both of which thrive in a damp environment. Apart from contributing to your carpet’s awful smell, the presence of these organisms can also pose a health risk to you and your family.

3. Poor cleaning equipment or processes

You might not notice it, but the equipment you use to clean your carpet can also be responsible for the rug’s odour. If you are using a poorly maintained vacuum or extractor, there is a chance that you may be leaving dirt behind even after cleaning your carpet. Similarly, incorrect vacuuming and extraction techniques can cause your carpet to smell because the dirt and bacteria are not properly removed.

Aside from your cleaning equipment and processes, the cleaning agent you use can also be a factor behind the stench that lingers on your carpet. In particular, using a cheap shampoo may not have the desired effect you hope for, and sometimes it might even give your carpet a new, pungent smell. As such, you should only use a reliable carpet shampoo that is trusted by many. Online reviews are a helpful tool to help you narrow down your options and select your ideal carpet cleaning agent.


Understanding the leading causes of carpet odour allows you to minimise the risk of possessing a stinky carpet and develop a better carpet maintenance plan. Additionally, you should consider engaging the services of a carpet cleaning company to wash your rug regularly to ensure it remains pleasant and inviting.

At APlus Clean Solutions, our carpet cleaning specialists possess years of experience in this industry. As such, you can rest easy knowing your carpet is in safe hands, as they are well-equipped to handle any carpet cleaning issues you may encounter. Additionally, we also offer house, office, and general cleaning services in Singapore. If you are interested to learn more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us at +65 8233 6300.