What Are The Benefits of Green Cleaning For Office Buildings

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The environmental and sustainable movement has taken over the world by storm, bleeding into several aspects of our lives – including cleaning. Otherwise known as green cleaning, it simply refers to the utilisation of environmentally-friendly products, equipment and techniques to reduce carbon footprints and eliminate the adverse effects standard cleaning products have on the cleaners and building occupants.

Recently, it has been observed that a portion of the commercial cleaning companies in Singapore have been embracing green cleaning due to the various advantages it offers. Let us explore these perks in-depth and how an office can benefit from adopting this revolutionary cleaning practice.

Safe for the employees

Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to traditional cleaning products can contribute to long-term health problems. Many of the chemicals found in such cleaning products often trigger allergic reactions and health ailments when exposed to a substantial quantity. For instance, many cleaning products often include lye and sulfuric acid for ‘best’ cleaning results – but at a cost. Both of these chemicals are known to be severely caustic and corrosive to the eyes, skin and airways.

However, the ingredients used in green cleaning products are often than not made out of plant derivatives and fewer chemicals. This means they are non-toxic, significantly reducing the risk of any allergic reactions and health ailments. Health is no longer compromised.

Reduced cost

There’s a misconception going green means you’ll need to fork out tons of money to reap its benefits, but that’s simply not true. There are several green cleaning products that are of the same price range as your regular cleaning products.

Moreover, high water usage is also common in many traditional cleaning methods. It leads to substantial environmental costs, such as higher energy consumption and carbon emissions. Green cleaning is a more sustainable practice than conventional cleaning methods, where huge costs are incurred throughout the process.

The use of these harsh cleaning products has also been found to accelerate the deterioration of office floors and furniture. Additional expenses will have to be incurred to repair or replace any damaged equipment.

Improved working environment

Green cleaning significantly reduces sensitive organic compounds, germs and bacteria, and other potential irritants out of the air, which translates to cleaner, safer air circulating the building. This helps to safeguard your employees’ health from allergies and ailments such as sinus and asthma attacks.

Utilising eco-friendly cleaning products to disinfect the office also provides employees with peace of mind. They feel comfortable knowing that minimal chemicals have been used to clear any of the office’s surfaces. Since they have peace of mind when it comes to their health, this will naturally help them to improve their concentration at work and thus, increase their productivity.

Creates a good impression of the company and boosts its reputation

The public has become more environmentally conscious over the years. Recycling efforts have gone up, and people are aiming to cut down on their carbon footprints. Going green is now perceived as a way of promoting environmental sustainability.

Engaging a professional cleaning company that practice green cleaning methods can help boost a business’s brand image. Not only is the business signalling their intention to go green, but they are also prioritising the safety and welfare of their employees.


The majority of Singaporeans spend as much time at their workplace as they do at home. Therefore, their health and safety should be paramount to all businesses. Utilising green cleaning technology to clean the office can be a win-win situation for all parties.

At APlus Clean Solutions, we only employ eco-friendly products in each and every of our services – from general cleaning to commercial cleaning. You can trust us to remove any dust, germ and possible allergen from the premises before they can compromise your state of being. We will prioritise the well-being of your employees while ensuring your office look spick and span. So don’t hesitate a second longer and give us a call today!