Why Regularly Cleaning Your House Is Crucial For Good Health

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Naturally, an untidy and dirty home is often associated with an infestation of bacteria, germs and sometimes even pests! Exposing oneself to such things will lead to the suppression of the immune system, causing the household members to get sick. Not only is this detrimental to one’s health, treating the health ailment and ridding them once the situation has gone haywire will burn a hole in your wallet.

However, when you maintain your house’s cleanliness regularly, you eliminate almost 98% of germs and further safeguard everyone’s health and well-being. There’s a myriad of benefits when you clean your house frequently, and here’s how it’s advantageous to your health in 4 prominent ways.

1. Enhances Safety

Cleaning helps to enhance one’s safety in the simplest and most straightforward of ways. When your child didn’t keep their toys in their intended place, this may lead to a physical injury if one accidentally steps on them. Oil grease left unattended on the floor may cause one to fall and ideally, the said person walks away with only a bruise.

Additionally, not cleaning up can also leave you vulnerable and prone to fire hazards. Something as small as dust can be a fire hazard, as it ignites quickly and spread throughout your home if your electrical sockets cause a spark. As such, you’ll want to ensure that you dust your home once a week, and ensure that there are no food crumbs left on the counter, lest they catch fire.

Maintaining a clean and well-organised home is a simple way to reduce the frequency of such fall and fire accidents. Make it a point to do simple general cleaning like vacuuming and mopping the floor, dusting and placing certain items back after using them.

2. Eliminates Germs

It goes without saying, a clean home also reduces the spread of germs. The most prime areas of germs infestation in every house are the kitchen and the bathroom, and if they’re left filthy, the surfaces of these areas can spread germs easily.

As such, always ensure that you clean and disinfect your kitchen and bathroom once a week. This means making sure that you don’t leave any food crumbs on your kitchen countertops and cleaning the oil grease off the stove. Always ensure that you disinfect your toilet, including your toilet bowl! Remember, a germs-free home is a sickness-free one because even microscopic germs don’t thrive in areas where proper disinfection occurs.

3. Reduces Fatigue And Stress

Leaving your home untidy and messy will cause a build-up of stress, pressure and fatigue – and it’s not only the visual aspect either. A study conducted by Princeton University Neuroscience Institute discovered that an unorganised house causes you to expend mental energy on stress, which increases your exhaustion.

As much as you want to procrastinate, have it and done with and do small chores whenever you can. These small chores will accumulate, and cleaning will not be as daunting as it could’ve been. Upon maintaining the cleanliness of your home, you’d also feel a sense of satisfaction and contentment which, in turn, reduces your stress levels and will improve your mental psyche.

4. Keeps Pests Away

A messy and dirty home is undoubtedly a breeding ground for insects, rodents, and bugs which could be a significant endangerment to everyone’s health. Food crumbs and stains that are left unattended will attract pests like cockroaches and lizards. These pests carry and spread germs and bacteria, triggering conditions like asthma, due to the deficient aeration and gastroenteritis challenges.

The worst part of it all, if you left it as it is, these pests can quickly multiply and can cause a pest infestation that can go out of control. It is, therefore, crucial to clean food crumbs in your house. If there are any leftover foods, don’t leave them in the open but instead, have them stored in airtight containers.

Cleaning the house regularly equates to a healthy and happy life in every situation, the cleanliness of all homes should never be compromised. Take things up a notch and engage a professional cleaning company like APlus Clean Solutions, where we offer both general cleaning and commercial cleaning services in Singapore to ensure we leave your space as good as new.